Polyurethane foam is an excellent substrate for flat, low-slope, pitched, saw toothed or domed roofs. Add a weather and
UV resistant top coat, and SPF provides buildings with a seamless seal that lasts for decades.


Polyurethane foam is a rigid, cellular, lightweight plastic material with an exceptionally high insulation value compared to other materials. For example, it has an R value of 6.5 per inch of thickness, which is more than twice the R value of fiberboard.

 Material K Factor R Factor Thickness for
Equivalent Insulating
 Seamless Polyurethane 0.15 6.50 25 mm
 Glass Fiber 0.25 4.00 40 mm
 Exp. Polystyrene Bead Bd.
0.28 3.57 50 mm
0.36 2.77 65 mm

Sprayed polyurethane foam roof systems have the ability to substantially reduce both heating and cooling requirements. In many installations, the savings in energy costs have paid back the cost of the roof system in 2 to 6 years.


Unlike a built-up roof, which becomes dry and brittle over time, causing cracks to form and leaks to occur, a polyurethane foam roof is highly sustainable for the long haul. The technology has a documented history of installations still holding up well in all types of weather conditions after more than 25 years, with only simple recoating and maintenance.


A polyurethane insulated roof 1" thick weighs about 25 lbs. per hundred square feet, compared to competitive roof systems, which can weigh over 300 lbs. per hundred square feet. Because of the minimal weight SPF roof systems add, the system is excellent for new long-span roofs. Lightweight SPF is also the perfect solution for existing buildings because they can be recovered with little or no tear-off of the original roof. This can save considerable time, labor and disposal costs.


SPF roof systems are very simple to maintain. If there is penetration, the closed-cell structure of the foam keeps water from migrating, so the problem is easy to spot and fix. For example, on a silicone coated SPF roof, all that's required to restore 100% system performance is a caulking gun and silicone sealant.


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